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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Another day

So yesterday I was talking about not going to blogs and facebook and I actually made it the entire day!!  I have to say, it has become almost habit to hit the facebook icon on my toolbar of internet explorer so I found myself going to that button several times but resisted the urge. It is a bit freeing to know I'm not fixated.  But it was also weird not checking on the lives of some people I was hearing about sometimes 3 times a day.  The food blogging people and such.
I do have to say I made some progress in a situation at work where I got an email from the mother of one of Tanner's classmates....our sons were to do a team project of a fitness routine and had talked about getting together over the weekend, well I was off on Thur and Fri and didn't see the mother's email till Monday....too late.  We had some discussions over email about trying to make it happen for them to get together but it ended up the teacher made the do the presentation anyway.  The mother said her son wasn't happy about it so I of course feel responsible BUT I tried to handle it better in my mind than I have in the past....the self beratement and told myself I was off, there was no way I would have seen the email.  I sent an email back apologizing and she was great about it......not mad at all but more frustrated with the teachers that assign projects that have to be done with others OUTSIDE of class.  I this was a positive step for me and how I process negative issues.
Food was okay
Breakfast:  Kashi cereal with almond milk
Snack:  Special K 90 cal bar
Lunch:  1 c of cream of mushroom and wild rice soup
Snack/dinner:  2 mozarella sticks, cereal with almond milk, special K bar

Didn't have time to exercise which is bad but did walk Son to school.

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