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Sunday, November 6, 2011

I'm an Adult Now - It's MY Choice

Last nite we had an hour and a half drive home from visiting friends in the city and I spent the majority of the time contemplating the concept of what I eat it totally my choice.  Seeing people who I perceive look better than I (slimmer, more fit) and once again thinking why do I struggle so much with this.  It dawned on me that NO ONE MAKES ME EAT ANYTHING that I chose to eat.  IT'S ME that makes the choice.  Not since I was a kid was anyone telling me I had to eat a certain thing.  Maybe that's where the trouble came in for me......I love knowing that I can eat WHATEVER I want which usually ends up being a binge on sugar BUT's my poor choice that has given me the end result that I currently am unhappy with - about 30 lbs too much weight.
I will blame my poor choices on just about anything so that I don't have to take responsibility for them.  I have no willpower, I have 'issues', I am a sugar addict, blah, blah, blah.......
I want to try and focus on that is completely my choice what I will put in my mouth!!! 
TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for your own choices!!!!
I know that I have the capabilities to do anything I really want to do, so why should this be an obstacle. 
Remembering constantly - what I chose to eat is MY CHOICE so live up to it and I can be as healthy and fit as those people I envy if I just MAKE THE CHOICE!!
I AM MAKING THE CHOICE.  I know each day will be different and will have it's struggles, but I am taking back my life and taking responsibility for it!! 

Each day I will ask myself:
Did I eat healthy?
Did I exercise?
Did I spend time cultivating a strong self-worth?

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