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Friday, November 11, 2011

Fighting Mad?

I need to get 'fighting mad' about this weight gain......I need to be so angry that I push and and keep moving......
But, I'm having a hard time. I know what I should eat, I know how I should exercise, but the food and sugar have this incredible hold......and I feel like that is an excuse but it's just so frustrating that I can't master this.  I start everyday in what I think is a good eating way.......oatmeal with greek yogurt and fruit.  And I go pretty good most of the day but after noon hits, especially after work and I'm toast.  Lately I have been going down stairs and getting on the treadmill for an hour first thing when I get home and sometimes very little for dinner but that's because I've eaten 8 chocolate covered graham cracker cookies so I'm no hungry for anything good for me.  I have gotten off sugar in the past for 6+ months but it seems there is always a slip-up and I'm back to the sugar addiction.
I hate the way I look and feel but I guess I don't hate it enough to really get mad and serious about it.  I knew my job before (retail on my feet moving all the time) was key to my somewhat managing my weight but I'm positive now that it was a huge difference!!  My job now is virtually sedentary and I am seeing it.

That makes the treadmill everyday even more critical.......I need to be moving more.

But I get so seems to be so hard and take so long and I feel like I'm starving myself (I'm not so I'm kidding myself here) and still get nothing for it.

I know I'm whining.......when I said something to my OB/GYN about it being harder to lose weight the older I have gotten she said "You know I hear that all the time but I haven't noticed it"........I thought she was being very insensitive but I think she is probably right and I am using that old 'I'm in menopause and old so I can't lose anything' excuse.  I'm full of excuses and that's one of my big problems......TAKE RESPONSIBILITY and stop making excuses.....................


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