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Monday, November 14, 2011

Live my own Life

I think I spend too much time checking out how other people blog hopping.  It's like I am living vicariously thru these people.  The people who are thin, healthy, fit, run 1000+ miles a year etc.  Maybe this has done me no good this past year as all the sudden this has become more of an obsession for me.....that and checking facebook constantly to see if I missed something.  These people on these blogs live in cities (I now live in the sticks and have no easy, quick access to Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, Michaels, lots of variety on stores, a yarn store that sells real yarn, not acrylic, TARGET) and do fun interesting cultural things, have great restaurants that have vegetarian options, they could care less about hunting (they all run around in camo here.....even camo purses, really???).  So I see these blogs and wish for what I don't have and that has always been a problem of mine.....the grass is always greener.

I need to be making my own happy life.

So I am going to try an facebook or blog checking for a week, starting this morning.  WOW.....I need to do this....I need control, I am out of control even with the food. pretty much sucked all weekend.  Today is another day and another week.  Possibility to make my own happy life.

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